[Taldryan] Consul Report 6.1


[Taldryan] Consul Report 6.1


Hello Taldryan, another month has come to an end and with it a lot of preparation for the next chapter of the Caelus Chronicles. As of now we are half way through our attempt to gain as much control over the system as possible. Anyways lets jump right into the report giving you a major update on the various things that are going on in the DB right now that are related to Taldryan.



DB wide

  • First off let's dive into the official canon fiction that details Mav's ascension to Grandmaster, written by our truliest Deputy Grandmaster Vyr. If you haven't, you should definetly take a look at it here: The Collective - Prologue

Further there have been quite a few Reports from other members of the Dark Council so let's give those a look too:

Clan wide

  • Our first joined event with Clan Scholae Palatinae has come to an end earlier this month with two members from Taldryan placing within the Top 3. You can find a newspost regarding the Results here: CSP+TAL - A Collective Danger (Results)

  • There also another SRI Project that is just upon getting closed today and by then we will have to eagerly wait for the results for Week 4 and the Multi-Objective Prompt fiction events to see where the story of Ektrosis goes.

There have also been a couple reports from Justinios and Quejo which you can find here:


The two Taldryan leaders entered the atmosphere of Chyron, seeking to inspect the part of the city the Clan has been given control off along a group of technicians. While their shuttle sped through the sky, the Taldrya’s couldn’t eschew to look at the pile of smoke rising from a different part of the citymoon.

“Isn’t that smoke coming from the capitol?” the younger of them asked the pilot."

A short look from the pilot onto his controls and the following statement confirmed the augmented senses of the two Force-users.

Looking at each other the two Taldrya had a bad feeling coming from their stomachs.

“Pilot, change course to the capitol, we need to know what happened, our district can wait.” The Consul ordered."

A few minutes later the shuttle touched down on the capitol’s courtyard.

The place was roamed with speeders from the local authorities as well as rescuers. Picking the nearest trooper, the Consul asked, pushing the hesitant trooper to answer him through the force: “What happened?”

“There has been an attack on the capitol last night and the Governor has been killed during the attack.”

“What? Lord Astor is dead?”

“Yes, Lord Drayen and Lady Ceyra are within the building.” The trooper said turning his head around. “Oh wait, there they are coming.”

Looking at the same direction as the trooper, the Tadrya saw them, Drayen and Ceyra along a group of medics shoving a hovergurney in front of them, though upon seeing the Taldrya, Drayen parted from his crying sister to talk to a nearby trooper.

Rushing past the trooper, Halcyon and Rian closed in to the group.

“Our sincerest condolences Lady Ceyra.” Rian said bowing slightly. “The moment we came aware of the situation we came here, is there anything we can be of help for you, just ask for it.”

“Thank you Colonel Aslar.” Ceyra replied using Rian’s military rank while wiping the tears from her eyes. “My father always talked the best from you. He said without you and your fleet there wouldn’t be any justice in the system anymore.”

Rian nodded, while Halcyon showed more interest at the corpse of Astor Ky’Lian covered by a white blanket.

“Rian, can you take a look at this?” the elder Taldrya said.

Turning from Ceyra to the corpse, Rian immediately saw what the Proconsul referred to and his mind immediately darkened.

Find the detailed fiction here: Caelus Chronicles Chapter IV: BROKEN CHAINS


Following the clues from Caelus Chronicles Chapter4 - Broken Chains: Hidden in the Clouds and Caelus Chronicles Chapter4 - Broken Chains: A hidden Message you have uncovered the supposed whereabouts of the person(s) behind the attack on the capitol of the Caelus-system on Chyron. Upon arriving at the uncovered position you (and your team) find no difficulties blending in with the gathering crowd looking for their leader but instead it seems the meeting is led by a person well known to you vaguely remember to be a member of the Caelus-Security Special Forces Division. Now it is up to you to deal with the culprits of the attack in a way you deem appropriate.

Members of the SRI Intelligence Division monitoring the general activity within the Caelus System have located an increased amount of traffic near the planet Perune. However a probe droid that has been sent to the hub of the activity has been destroyed and all the SRI was able to save from its data is a descrambled image.

During their initial investigations revolving around the attack on the capitol, members of the SRI Intelligence Division have found a coded communique sent over a local dataframe some time during the attack. With their numbers still low, the Deputy Director of the SRI requested you to help de-cipher the message as it may contain critical informations on the persons behind the attack or at best their current whereabouts.

Caelus Chronicles: A new Home (Bonus Chapter)

As you have seen in the fiction update, our efforts to help the government of the Caelus System haven't gone unnoticed and for our continued help, we have been rewarded with the control of a small portion of Chyron. In return, this means we will now have to fill this place with life. For this reason there will be some bonus events that too will allow you to come up with places that will be made canon for the Caelus System (only Top 3 placements) as well as an increased amount of Influence Points to further strengthen our presence in the eyes of the locals. So stay tuned on further updates for this.



Over the last couple weeks you guys have really rocked activities and for this several big shouts will go out to:



Caelus Chronicles Chapter 4: Broken Chains

Brotherhood wide




Consul's Choice

Adding something I used to add in the past, from now on here you will find competitions I'd like to highlight for all of you:



That's it for this time, now go out and get your hand on all the new stuff and remember, if there is anything you would like to ask me or the rest of the summit, then feel free to send us an e-mail or hit any of us up on telegram.

~Rian Taldrya

Son of Taldrya

Consul of Taldryan


Delicious reportism.

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