Clan Arcona Report: August-- Operation: Figureheads


Clan Arcona Report: August-- Operation: Figureheads


Quick Hits: RL Updates

Ok, I'm back. I kind of mixed up my family vacation dates. So, instead of being away this week, like I had intended, I found myself whisked away last week. I was in the lovely state of New Hampshire on an honest to god farm that functions as an Inn and Resort. It was relaxing and nice to be with my family (and Sheba) but I was limited to just my phone and very spotty wi-fi and absolutely no cell-service. For anyone that knows me, you understand how borderline terrifying that can be to me. I kept wanting to have Google answer a question or IMDB an actor in a movie, but couldn't. It was terrible. #firstworldproblems.

Oh, and I climbed a mountain. Made it my bitch. Proof: mountain

(My photoshops skills are no where good enough to fake that, just saying :P)

Anyway, back in civilization. So, let's do this.

Legz Is Back Too

Ya boi Legz been out thuggin’ too, but I’m back in the saddle for the foreseeable future. I spent the past two days at the beach with some friends, having drinks, pursuing the locals, and approving Figureheads competitions while literally standing in the ocean. I’ve been back in the United States long enough to reconquer it, and I’ve got two more weeks of golf and sunshine before I hit the books at the end of August.

Wally’s about to talk about Figureheads a lot, but before he does, I want to let you all know that I’ll be competing for the Quaestors team. Essentially, that means that it just got a lot more difficult for all of you to win the overall race, and the Arconae team is dead in the water ;)

I’m excited for the competition, and all of you should be as well. It’s awesome. With FL II winding down, that’ll lead us into the final planet of Fading Light, and from there we’ll hit GJW XI with a vengeance. Otherwise, things on the homefront are progressing well -- Meleu is running point on wiki projects for me, and Wally and I are still working on some other projects that you’ll continue to hear more about in the future. If anyone is looking for work, I’m your guy.

I also worked with Wally on expanding the Arcona Citadel a bit. It serves as our headquarters, but we’ve never really delved into the finer details. You can view the new wiki article here. You’ll see why this is important later on in the report! Props to Wally for throwing the images together and working with me on the descriptions.

I’ll see you guys out there -- may the Force be with you.

Upcoming: Operation: Figureheads

Cethgus and Valtiere are running a Clan-wide, 3-week Operation called "Figureheads". Teams have been decided and loyalties have been declared. The teams are as follows:


You'll notice that the Arconae have some jerk who signed up at the last minute named "Wally" and that the Quaestors have some guy named “Legz” (eww). Since Cethgus and Valt volunteered to run things, and Marick is supposed to be out of town, I'm allowed to play with you guys for once (read: stomp all over your faces) and will be using an alternate character! As the wise philosopher once said: "Have at thee, bro's"

Like Operation: Sojourn, scoring by event will be based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, with all placements trailing still earning a decreased value of points. This means that even if you have a unique ability for always placing 4th place, you can still help your team win over the course of the event.

Crescents will be up for grabs, as well as Clusters of both Ice and Fire. Also, keep in mind that performance in events like this can add to your regular activity for merit medals and other awards. You can also earn points towards moving through the Shadesworn ranks!

You can follow the story and the events on the Wiki Page.

ACC Event

We are going to be trying out an ACC event for Operation: Figureheads. The rules will be as follows:

  • 1v1 Alternate Ending matches
  • 2/2 Posts (Total of 4)
  • Limited to: Clan Arcona - Event: Figurehead Hall when setting up a match.
  • Week 1: Limited to Arcona Venues: Citadel Courtyard, Citadel Cantina, Citadel Throne Room
  • You can only challenge a member of the opposite team to a duel.
  • A victory is worth 3 points.
  • A loss is worth 1 points.
  • A timeout is worth -1 points.
  • The member with the most points get’s 1st place, and so on, with your total score determining your actual placement (and then your placement determines your actual points for the competition).
  • Standard ACC Rules Apply: 250 Word Post Minimum, no Maximum

As an additional carrot on a stick, the member who has the most points, individually, for the Operation, will earn a Mandalorian Warrior Fade!

Quick Note: Celevon was able to draw this really really really awesome logo/tattoo for the Fade. It's awesome, make sure you give him props if you see him.

Ongoing: Fading Light: Part 2 - The ACC

As the wise philosopher once said:

"So. It's come to this."

The ACC Ladder is reaching closer and closer to a conclusion. Arcona started with the strongest representation of fighters in the entire club, so much so that we've seen a majority of our numbers halved simply by being forced to face one another rather than members of opposing Clouses. We've now come down to our last two fighters, and of course they are pitted against one another. That means that moving into the final rounds of the Tournament, we will only have 1 member.

Fortunately, the remaining fight comes between Timeros and Atyiru. The Master and the Protege. Two enter, but only one will leave. One will rise and one will fall. There can be only one--yea, you get the idea.

Continue to support your clanmates as they continue to fight. In the next rounds, things are really going to heat up. Our numbers, by sheer process of competition, are honing in. Even if you're no longer in the tournament, support your friends, be there to proof for them if they need it, and continue to work together as a team.

We fight until the last of us is standing at the finish line with the championship belt held high. Hoo-rah.

I also wanted to thank everyone who fought hard to represent Arcona. The ACC is very personal to me, and I can't describe how great it feels to see so many people taking part in it! You're all legends, scholars, and heroes to me. Thank you.

Fading Light ACC Tournament Hall: click here



The game is afoot! We have some new recruits that are already leaving their marks!

  • Revs was promoted from Acolyte to Protector!
  • Zhaze was promoted from Apprentice to Novice!


  • Legion of the Scholar -Andrelious J. Inahj
  • Dark Scroll -Legorii
  • Pendant of Blood -Sight Nortorshin
  • 2x Pendant of Blood - Alaris Jinn
  • Pendant of Blood - Celevon Edraven
  • Dark Cross - Riverche
  • Scroll of the Master - Meleu
  • Scroll of the Master - Valtiere


Brought you in part by our sponsor--I mean Rollmaster Andrelious, here are the competitions currently going on.



The ACB Pilot Continues

The first month of the ACB Pilot for June was a great success. We had a few bumps along the way (as expected from BETA) and have used some of the feedback. Our staff is expanding and adapting to people's schedules as we figure out the best way to optimize contract wait time and grading wait time. Everything we do in this pilot helps me get a better understanding of what you, the members, are getting out of the ACB, and how we can best sharpen and tighten up the nuts and bolts to make it into a well polished machine. I want to again thank everyone who is participating in the contracts, and if you have any comments, feedback, questions please do not hesitate to ask or chat any of us up.

I'd also like to announce that Sight has been brought on to staff as a contract-writer. We have also added Esca on as a judge to help speed up the process of turning around contracts in a timely manner while making sure you still get the feedback you need. Real-time feedback on your writing and stories is the core of the ACB, and if you are not getting that you need to let us know right away.

Anyway, welcome aboard Esca and Sight.


Congratulations are to be given to Mark (Andrelious) who retains his title as First Blade of Arcona. Enjoy it while it lasts, though, for the scores reset back to zero for the August Pilot. That means it is anyone’s game. If Mark wishes to keep the title of "First Blade", he's going to have to earn it. He will have to watch his back though. Adam Bolera was only a point away from edging him out, and I have a feeling he's going to turn up the tigerblood for next month. Clusters of Ice will follow soon as I have everyones word counts tallied up.

Speaking of. I want to announce one new policy I’d like to include going forward.

  1. Upon completion of a contract, member will end their post with “Word Count: XXX”. Not only will this signal the end of your contract, but it will make the process of awarding CI’s much easier for the ACB Staff.

We would appreciate you doing this on the honor system, but I will be double checking the numbers myself.

The August Pilot can be found here.

Happy Hunting ;)

Ask The Wally (Live Q&A)

Ask The Wally #4

Wrap Up

As others have been quick to point out, summer can be a bit of a lull for the DB. Still, there is always something going on in #arcona and with the Shadow Clan. Operation: Figureheads is going to be a lot of fun and we have some other cool things going on around the DB as well! If you have ideas for competitions, you don't need to be a leader. Just reach out to your respective BTL, AED, QUA, or PCON. The Summit is here for you guys. Our job is to make sure you guys are having fun.

As usual, if you guys have any questions or feedback, please let me know. I'm here to serve, and will always do everything in my power to help you guys enjoy this club, and to feel a part of Team Arcona.

In closing, I leave you with this YouTube video featuring Lord Vader.

Latest RollMark Report:

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Around the DB News

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That’s all for now. Arcona Invicta.

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Look at you reporting on things from a small mountain. :P

Woohoo! Arconae ftw!

Ooh, you went into nature? willingly?

Oooo nature stuff, all touchy-feely. Great report and I support his claim, message the summit on ideas and queries!!

Amazing report as always!

Legorii = Wally + Meleu?

Informative report! Lots of cool stuff a-happenin'

Awesome report Wally! I have a Starcraft II tip for you:

Construct additional Pylons!

You must construct additional Pylons!

Great report as always. Already having a blast with the event compititions.


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